About Atomic Alchemy

In the days before chemistry, men throughout the world sought the means to turn lead into gold. They were called alchemists. With the dawn of the atomic age, humanity was finally able to do so with the knowledge of nuclear physics. While we don't seek to transform lead into gold (it's not very cost-effective), we do seek to turn other metals into medical gold.

The inspiration for the creation of Atomic Alchemy came from a problem that has been intensifying in the United States for decades: There is currently no dedicated domestic supplier for medical radioisotopes, such as Molybdenum-99. The United States is the largest consumer of radiopharmaceuticals in the world, yet produces a fraction of demand with university research reactors. While there is nothing inherently wrong with sourcing material from abroad, geopolitical issues with suppliers (Russia) or natural events (air freight disruptions due to volcanic eruptions) have caused--and will continue to cause--severe shortages (up to 50,000 procedures a day!) until a reliable, domestic supply from the private sector is established.

We envision a world where radioisotopes for nuclear medicine, research, and space exploration are accessible, affordable, and can be sourced reliably.

Atomic Alchemy’s mission is to become the world’s most reliable supplier of radioisotopes for medical, research, exploration, and industrial use.